Sunday, November 22, 2009


For my birthday, my dear husband bought me a new camera (that I have been obsessing over for years!). I have been *dying* to hit the town & put it to good use. I asked little Miss B if she'd like to take some senior pictures, so off we went roaming around Sarasota & Bradenton to test the waters. Nonetheless, waters were tested (literally, & they were quite chilly!) - but we had a blast!! I am so excited to learn & grow and am incredibly thankful that my husband supports all of my dreams & ambitions.

B was a great model (seriously, just wait until you see her in my wedding pictures!! She is definitely meant to be in the spotlight!) Here's a little preview of her senior picture goodies:

* Congratulations! *

Congratulations to my fellow knottie, Taryn (of Mr. Jones & Me), and her husband Brian on tying the knot yesterday! I have been following Taryn's blog for quite some time and have had some serious do-it-yourself envy! She is wonderfully creative and is as sweet as ever! I cannot wait to see the details of their special day!

Blissful Wishes to you!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

:: spotlight: EatCakeBeMerry ::

As I am *still* obsessed with all things wedding, I often find myself roaming the streets (i.e.: Internet) in search for the most fabulous items (for my fellow knotties of course). I recently stumbled across EatCakeBeMerry & about had a heart attack - I am completely in love! Their designs are so clean & original, I couldn't help sharing. Here are a few of my favorites:

They also have an EatCupcake section that is coming soon!! I can't wait!
xo m

Friday, November 13, 2009

blissful beginnings

I originally created this to blog about my one true passion... cupcakes! But the more and more I dig into the cupcake industry, the more I realize that there is more to "life" than just cupcakes. I truly believe that in order to succeed, one must get involved with a little bit of everything (I recently found this ever so true when my dear husband's boss - who is in the dirt hauling industry - started his own cupcake shop!)

I am surrounded by the most inspiring people this world can offer; from my mother who is approaching her mid-50's, who just opened yet another salon while full on planning my wedding; to my husband who always finds the good in people & encourages me to follow my dreams; to my teenage cousin who recently moved to Sarasota to dance at the SRQballet; to my besties who are shaping the minds of our youth & doing a heck of a job doing so; to my new cousins who fly planes & work for what they believe in; to my soontobe sister in law who is into everything imaginable & is amazing at whatevershe does; to my new friends in Sarasota who are living their dreams through fashion & hunting (who would have thought we would be such great friends with that combo!?). I owe my thoughts and creatitivity to all of you!

xo m