Sunday, January 31, 2010

*craft:: decoupage frames

I have always had a huge influence & passion towards crafts. My mother put a crayon in my hand at 6 months old & let me go to town. Ever since I can remember, I was painting, drawing, sewing, embossing... anything craft related-ing!

My cupcake obsession has taken a seat on the back burner as I embark on a journey of sewing & crafting.

Here's a preview of my current project, decoupage frames. The first one I made for my niece, Edan's, room.

These are on their way to becoming finished - just waiting for a cute little boy's room to be hung in!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine's Day Bliss

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. What am I baking you ask? Well... cupcakes of course! I found the best cupcake recipe over at the Food Network - seriously... THE BEST!

Along with the cupcakes, I wanted to "make" (I'm going to use that term loosely) some other goodies for my lovely husband. Here are some of my ideas:

Sweetie Pies
Sweetie Pies from Williams-Sonoma

Or - for a more of a homemade feel...
Cakester hearts
(courtesy of Bakerella)
These are Oreo Cakesters - All you have to do is use a heart shape cookie cutter less than 1.75 " wide
LOVE Letter Cookies
Love Cookie Letters from Dancing Deer Baking Co.

Organic Cookies from Beautiful Sweets

And only because hubs *loves, loves, LOVES* pizza - for the past few years Papa John's has offered heart shaped pizzas on Valentine's Day - I think I would get best wife award for this one!
xo happy valentine's day, loves! xo

Monday, January 18, 2010

*good luck - little miss b!*

I'm sure you all remember little miss b! Well this fabulous girl is headed to Miami to try out for So You Think You Can Dance today!! Please send all of your *thoughts, prayers & wishes* her way! She truly is a *star* just waiting to get her big break!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

::spotight: PaperFrosting::

I stumbled upon Paper Frosting when I was looking for somebody to create wedding invitations for my wedding. I took one look at the name & thought"this is right up my alley!" Melinda, the owner of Paper Frosting, was so kind and accommodating throughout the entire invitation process. Even though she is located 1,000+ miles away, she was so efficient with sending me samples, pictures, and communicating with me on a daily basis. She really understood the feel that I was going for and created it perfectly. And do I dare mention how reasonably priced she is!?Although I don't have any pictures of my own wedding invitations (I know, right?! I really dropped the ball on that one!), I wanted to share some of Melinda's gorgeous work!

On top of the handmade items, Paper Frosting also makes digital announcements & invitations. Go check out some more Paper Frosting *bliss*!

Monday, January 4, 2010

* craft:: DIY coasters *

I got this idea from the wonderful Style Me Pretty blog while wedding planning. Such a cute and cost efficient idea for favors! Each set costs about a dollar! Ever since I saw these, I have been itching to try it out for myself! My brother and his lovely girlfriend, Nina, (follow her, she's the best!) recently (about a year ago... so I'm a little late!) bought a house, so I figured I could give it a whirl for a little home gift.

They were very simple - yet, I think next time I'd bypass the pictures on the coaster; the glue tends to get stuck in the little holes. Happy Crafting!! xo