Thursday, December 3, 2009

our very married christmas*

It's really hard to get in the spirit of the holidays when it's 80º every day. I know people spend a fortune to have this weather for only a week, so I don't want to sound unappreciative - I really *love* living here, but I just wish for one day I could trek around downtown in a cozy winter jacket, some cute boots, tights, a warm cup o' joe & my snuggly husband by my side.

My husband knows how much I adore the holiday season & wanted to make it extra special for me & our first very married Christmas together. I walked in the door one evening & immediately smelled evergreen; I raced up the stairs to find a perfectly shaped Christmas tree already lit waiting for me!

Here are some pictures - after some intense shopping (& shipping). I wish we had enough room in our little condo for two different themed trees!! I had so much fun decorating this year! I still haven't found the perfect stockings though... off to the fabric store I go!

our cute little monogrammed tree skirt :)


  1. Meg! I love it! Especially the Tree Skirt!! Nice Work!