Tuesday, February 16, 2010

:: Beautiful Blogger Award ::

Thank you so much Jennifer from Books, Recipes & Life, Oh My! for the Beautiful Blogger Award! According to the rules of the award I must enumerate seven interesting things about myself:
  • I have known my husband since I was 6 years old - he is my brother's best friend. My grandparents share the same story as my husband and I & said they have known for years that we would get married! (Which is so strange since we never, ever, showed any interest until the past couple of years)
  • I was brought up to know, understand & love my heritage. My father is 100% Italian & my mother 100% Irish. Sometimes I get sad for my children that they are going to be muts.
  • I have been playing golf since I was 3 years old - none of the men (husband, dad, brother) in my life play golf (seriously) and I can whoop every single one of them. My mom taught me how to play & people call us the "deadly duo".
  • I was 100% certain that I was going to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader from ages 4-12. Every Monday during Monday Night Football I would dress up in my Cowboys gear & do a routine to the MNF song at the beginning with my pom pons. I always wonder if my parents thought I was crazy...
  • I have always dreamed about living in Florida & feel very accomplished for actually making the move.
  • I absolutely love baking/cooking but will rarely feature anything I make on my blog... although it tastes *amazing*, I have a very hard time making it look appealing! My husband gets very worried sometimes when I plop something in front of him to try!
  • I hate jeans - I hate the feeling of them and the idea of putting on a pair of jeans! I am starting to get better though... I recently bought a pair of jeans (and then returned them). ;)
Thank you so much for this award, Jen! I am so flattered! :)


  1. Oh see I didn't do this part of it. The person who nominated me just had me pick 15 people. I think I will update my post on it now.

  2. Yes! You're supposed to tag 5 along with 7 random facts - I have yet to get to the tagging part!