Tuesday, May 4, 2010

:: simply scrumptious for mom! ::

I'm not sure if you know... but I'm a little obsessed with cupcakes and yummy treats! Oh, you did? Glad we got that out of the way... Anyway, my mom is very much like myself! We simply just cannot resist! She used to stop and get ice cream on the way home from work every night, sadly her work route changed & she no longer drives by the store... but I'm sure she re-routes every once in awhile!

I stumbled upon some scrumptious treats to send your mum on Mother's Day! I hope this inspires a little blissful sugar into your (and your mama's) life!!

sweet nostalgia gift box & macaroons

cupcakes made to order from:
here, here & here

of course, the post would not be complete without a picture of my mommy :)
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


  1. Beautiful pictures of you and your Mom, 2 generations of gorgeous! My daughter & I have a sweet tooth too so I can relate to this post. Wishing your Mom a wonderful Mother's Day. xo

  2. What a great idea!! I'm going to send my mom some of those cupcakes!!! Thank you so much for sharing! You and your mother are gorgeous!

  3. What a nice post about your mom. Your blog is great! I love it.